Guideline for writing VPS Reviews
Hi there, people often post reviews on FreeVPS that are not up to standard when it comes to quality. So here is a small helper for you to follow when writing your review. Just because I am posting this here, does not mean that you have to follow this layout exactly, but if you're finding it difficult to structure your review, you may want to follow this Smile
If you read my VPS 10 Review ( ) You may have noticed that I'm just gathering this list from there and sharing a bit about each point, giving you advice on what to write for each section.

You can add to, or remove certain sections of this guideline if you wish. You may also change the order, but generally the intro comes first, then specs/benchmarks, then into your detailed review and thoughts on the VPS.

Its best to write your VPS review after about 2-3 weeks of use to make sure you have a strong opinion on the various aspects of your VPS and can therefore write a good review based on your experience rather than what you would expect from a VPS of those specs.

I have also included a colour coded rating for each section to indicate importance in a review (in my opinion)
RED = A must. Include this if you can!
ORANGE = Would be great if you could include this.
YELLOW = Optional, but it will make your review look better!

For those who want to get the list all in one place, here it is:
-Sentence or two on the specs
-Sentence or two on the benchmarks
-Networking (include speedtest result)
-Control panel
-Reliability (uptime etc)
-VPS usage
-hard drive space
-What I would improve
-Final verdict and rating out of ten

INTRO - Around 2 - 3 sentences giving a general overview of your VPS. You don't want to go into too much detail here, as you will do that later on in the review.

SPECS - Just copy and paste, or rewrite the specs of your VPS from the VPS info page to give your readers a reminder of the specs of your VPS

SENTENCE OR TWO ON THE SPECS - If anything stands out about these specs, write about it here. Maybe it has a high disk space, or high RAM. Write about negatives too if there are any that stand out! Maybe the location of the VPS is too far away from your location. But remember to keep it brief!

BENCHMARKS - Post benchmarks here in form of a paste or similar services .Geekbench is a good one to use, also the FreeVPS benchmark script is helpful for giving an overview of certain aspects of your VPS.

SENTENCE OR TWO ON THE BENCHMARKS - Similar to the sentence or two on the specs of the VPS, you can write about things that stand out about the benchmarks here. Maybe a really high/low I/O speed, or a good/bad processor clock speed. Good/bad network speed etc

NETWORKING - Here you want to write about the network related to your VPS. You could comment on the amount of IP Addresses you get for example, or the amount of bandwidth you get per month on your VPS. Network speed is also another good thing to write about. A graphic would be a good thing to put with this section! (you can follow this tutorial to generate a graphical speedtest result: )

PERFORMANCE - Comment here on the speed of your VPS. How quickly it can process, load, save data etc.

CONTROL PANEL - For the majority of users, this will be SolusVM. Comment here about the features of the control panel, what you would like to see added, or what you find really useful. You could also comment on the OSs available for install through the control panel in this section of your review.

RELIABILITY - Since you'll be writing your review a few weeks+ after you receive it, you'll have a good idea of how reliable it is. Write about uptime, how long any downtimes were, etc. It would also be good (although you may put this under networking if you wish) to write about the ping/the reliability of the internet connection to the VPS in this section.

VPS Usage - Write here what you're using your VPS for, and how well it does this task/these tasks. You could also write about what you plan to use the VPS for in the near future.

HARD DRIVE SPACE - You could also comment about the speed of the hard drive here if you did not mention that in PERFORMANCE. Write in this section about the hard drive space. Too much hard drive space for your needs? Too little? etc. Comment why it is good/bad to have that amount of space.

WHAT I WOULD IMPROVE - This is the bit where you get to tell your readers (potentially the VPS providers as well!) what you would improve about your VPS. Maybe you would like to see more RAM, or better performance (so therefore better hardware) etc.

FINAL VERDICT & RATING OUT OF TEN - Think of this as your conclusion where you would summarise your review in a couple of short sentences. You may also want to add a rating out of ten that you would give your VPS.

I hope that this guide has helped you to write better reviews for VPSs! Smile
If you want to see an example of this layout in use, you can read my VPS 10 review! ( )

Thanks for reading!
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Other than that, I'm sure that THIS will stop all the sub-par reviews here.
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(2014-07-15, 3:24:07 am)ishands Wrote:  There are some formatting errors where the bbcode tags are showing. Please fix it.
Other than that, I'm sure that THIS will stop all the sub-par reviews here.

Oops, I guess that's what you get for writing it up on Google drive first! I have fixed everything now i think. Thank you for pointing that out Smile
good job you did here sure some people will find this handy and helpful
Now this is something really useful! Can you add the link to this FreeVPS benchmark script ?
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(2014-07-15, 3:20:23 am)cw1998 Wrote:  -Final verdict and rating out of ten

I personally disagree here (but you can disagree with my disagreement if you want to). I once did that, but I decided to stop that when I noticed my ratings were getting crazy (began with 9, then 10, then 11... uh). I don't think the rating adds value to the review, so I stopped adding them in my new reviews. The rating itself is a rather arbitrary value, without any science behind it. Usually, reader of review should read the review itself, not the rating, because they are meaningless anyway when every server has very high ratings.

But well, otherwise it's a nice guide. Thanks for writing it. I don't need it, but it sure would improve reviews I read. You may also want to detail on certain points, like say that it's possible to get graphic with speedtest-cli script.

Also, reminds me to write VPS18 review when I stop being lazy. I wrote second VPS25 review (the first was during one week trial, before VPS25 was available) like nearby its shutdown, and I don't want to be very late with my reviews again.
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
A great guide for the new ones and even the old guys who are just posting benchmarks and saying they have put hard work in their review. Review has be personal opinion, not the specs of the VPS -_-
it's kinda sad that we really need one of these.

meh, I guess it's at least a good reminder for people that might forget one or two things.
Thanks to FreeVPS for the, er, free VPS 7!
Cw fix the thread

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Hello there!

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(2014-10-31, 9:43:23 am)Riste Wrote:  Cw fix the thread

I also noticed few other posts says "Click to edit", what's the problem?

Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out. It was a problem with the apostrophes. If you're interested, I type out all my threads in Google docs first, and of course docs changes the standard apostrophe ' to something more accurate looking ’ or ‘ 
And when the forum was upgraded to 1.8, these special apostrophes were lost for some reason

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