Favorites programs that we are using
I usually, actually everday use the following program.
Browser: Google Chrome
For SSH: Putty
Video: VLC Player
Antivirus: EsetNod32
Text editor: Notepad++
Thank you Freevps.us Smile 
Web Browser : Mozilla Firefox / Chrome
Email Client : Mozilla Thunderbird
Editor : notepad++ / gedit
SSH: Putty
Video: VLC Player
Office: MS Office

So these are the programs that I use on every day basis. I would add vmware here too.
Web browser: Mozilla Firefox
E-mail client: KMail
Terminal emulator: Konsole
SSH client: OpenSSH
IRC client: Quassel Client
Text editor: Kate
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I use:

Web Browser : Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox
Editor : Photoshop
IRC client : mIRC
movies : Windows Media Player / VLC
office : Microsoft Office
Ssh : PuTTy
FTP: FlashFXP / WinSCP
Web Browser : Google Chrome
Gaming : Steam
Movie : VLC
FTP : winscp
ssh : puTTy
antivirus : avast
thanks for freevps.us taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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Web Browser: Google Chrome
Text Editor: NotePad
Video: Windows Media Player
FTP: GodzIlla
SSH: puTTy
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Spoiler: show
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Web Browser : Chrome
Media : Kmplayer
Virus guard - BitDefender Internet Security 2014
Gaming : Steam
FTP : FileZilla
Music Player : Aimp3
Proxy Browser : Tor browser
Windows Cleaner : Ccleaner
Web Browser: Google Chrome
Text Editor: TextEdit, Xcode and Coda
Video: FLV player
FTP: Coda or FileZilla
SSH: Terminal

Mac user here...
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OK here's my curtain lifting:

Web Browser : Mozilla Firefox
Text Editor : Notepad++
IRC client :KVIRC
Media : Media Player Classic
Office : Microsoft Office
FTP: FileZilla
Remote Desktop: X2GO
File sync: Box.com client (mainly)
Virtual Machine: VMware Player
Protection: Node32 av + Returnil Virtual System

I prefer portable programs whenever possible for portability between 2 laptops and 1 PC
Web browser: Mozilla Firefox 31.0
Text editor: Notepad++ (Windows) and nano (Linux)
IRC client: irssi + tmux
Media: VLC by VideoLAN + MediaInfo
Office: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013
SSH: putty (Windows) and ssh (Linux)
File transfer: WinSCP
Chatting: Skype
Photo editing: Paint.NET
Download manager: Candisoft Load*
ISO mounting: WinCDEmu
Archiver: WinRAR
System cleaner: CCleaner
Bandwidth monitoring: NetSpeedMonitor

* http://www.candisoft.com/?q=de/node/8

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