Favorites programs that we are using
- Browser: Google Chrome (+ Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE - for cross-browser web templates testing)
- Email: the good ol' GMail
- Editing: Photoshop
- File Manager: Filezilla
- Video Player: BSPlayer (VLC for videos with rare/not supported extensions by BSPlayer)
- Text Editor: Sublime Text 3
- SSH: PuTTy
- Antivirus: AVG Antivirus 2014
Some free programs are amazing. For example Blender, which is my favourite one for my CG works.
Another example is rawtherapee, which has excellent raw development algorithms. The only downside is that it's significantly slower than adobe Lightroom
Web browser : chrome, firefox(sometimes)
Media : Media Player Classic and VLC Player(for 3D movies)
audio player : aimp
games : a lot of them on steam
Email : Thunderbird
FTP : Winscp and filezilla,
SSH : putty
Antivirus : Bitdefender
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Web Browser : Google Chrome
Email Client : The AOSP Email App
IM : Google+ Hangouts
Editor : gedit, notepad++
IRC client : If I need to use IRC, I use an online client
movies : VLC Media Player
office : Google Apps
Ssh : SSH command in a Linux CLI
Graphic design: Corel Draw
Picture Editing: Adobe Photoshop
Browser: Google Chrome and Firefox.
Multimedia Player: VLC, KM PLAYER
Virus Guard: Avast premier
FTP: Filezilla
Remote Desktop: VNC
VOIP: Skype
DVD Burner: nero
office : MS office
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Text editor :: Sublime text 2 / Nano
Browser :: Chrom(ium)
Ssh :: Whatever is built in to opensuse, I don't know

What have i missed?
Web browser : opera
Media : SMPlayer
Musical : GuitarPRO
FTP : Winscp
SSH : putty
Antivirus : NOD32
Web Browser - Firefox ,Chrome
Media - VLC Player , Windows media player
Virus guard - Avast
FTP - FileZilla , CuteFTP
Photo editing - Adobe Photoshop ,Imageready
Source edit - notepad++
Web Browser : Mozilla Firefox --or-- Custom w/ atom-shell
Email Client : Thunderbird
IM : Google+ Hangouts
Code Editor : Sublime Text --or-- Github Atom
IRC client : HexChat
Movies : VLC Media Player
office : Google Apps --or-- LibreOffice
Ssh : SSHd
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Web Browser : Google Chrome
Email Client : Gmail
IM : Actually, none.
Text Editor : NotePad
IRC client : mIRC
movies : VLC Player
office : Microsoft Office
Ssh : PuTTY

Compressor: WinRAR
Image editor: Adobe Photoshop

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