Favorites programs that we are using
Web Browser : Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox
Email Client : Gmail/Outlook
IM : Raptr Desktop App
Text Editor : NotePad++
Movies : VLC Media Player
Music: Media Monkey
office : Microsoft Office 2013

Compressor: 7zip/WinRAR
Image editor: Adobe Photoshop/MS paint
Screen Recording: Camtasia Studio
Gaming: Steam/Origin/uPlay
and a lot of other windows store apps!
Web Browser: Opera / Mozilla Firefox / Chrome
Email Client: Gmail
Editor: Notepad / Notepad++
IRC client: xChat
movies: VLC
office: Microsoft Office 2007
Ssh: Putty
Image editor: Paint.net
Anti Virus: Avast!
Web Browser : Google Chrome / Opera
Email Client : Gmail / Outlook
IM : Pidgin / Skype
Text Editor : NotePad++/ Sublime Text
Movies : VLC / K-lite Media Player
Music: AIMP
Office : Microsoft Office 2013
Compressor: 7zip/WinRAR
Image editor: Paint.net / GIMP
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Thanks to [Image: jlmGM4y.png] & [Image: logo.png] for great VPS 1 Wink
My blog hosted on VPS 1: Gunnaro (Indonesian) | Sorry for my bad English :|
Web Browser : Mozilla Firefox.
Email Client : Gmail web interface via Mozilla Firefox.
Text Editor : Geany.
Movies : VLC Media Player.
Music: Banshee.
Office : LibreOffice. Sometimes Google Docs via Mozilla Firefox.
Image editor: Gimp and Pinta.
Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox
IRC Client: irssi / mIRC
Messenger: Gtalk + Yahoo Messenger + Skype
Movie Player: VLC
FTP: Filezilla / Winscp
SSH: Putty
Image Editor: Photoshop
Editor: Notepad / Notepad++
Anti Virus: ESS 6
Devil Provided by Hostigation through FreeVPS Devil
In the Beginning... Was the Command Line
Web browser : Cyberfox
video: Potlayer (daum)
audio: Aimp3
Email : Browser
FTP : Winscp and filezilla
SSH : putty
Antivirus : Avast
Chatting : Pidgin
Web browser : Firefox
audio: N/A
Email : Browser
FTP : Winscp
SSH : putty
Antivirus : MalwareBytes/Windows Default.

Java: IntellIJ
Web Browser : Mozilla Firefox
Email Client : -
IM : -
Editor : notepad++
IRC client : -
movies : VLC & MPC
office : MS Office
Ssh : Bitvise
FreeVPS Hostigation

Web browser: Chrome
Mail: Gmail
Image editing: Photoshop
Video editing: Premiere
Video player: VLC
SSH: Putty
Music player: Rhytmbox or WMP
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I spend more time in Linux nowadays.
Browser: FF 32.0 / FF Nightly (Android)
Text editor: vim / still searching for a half-decent GUI editor.
IRC: weechat 1.1-dev / QuasselDroid (Android) + tmux
XMPP/Chat: profanity/bitlbee+libpurple
VOIP: linphone
Download Manager: pyload/aria2c
Video Transcoder: ffmpeg 2.3-dev+libx264
Media Player: mpv.io/DICE Player on Android.
Music Player: cmus/foobar2000 (Windows) / still looking for a half-decent Android music player; can't stand Google Play Music, my n7player trial ran out and most decent music players like https://play.google.com/store/apps/detai...ichd&hl=en support piracy since they have integrated song search/download; unfortunate since they organize playlists, lyrics, and have full UTF-8 tags support...
Office: WPS Office
Email: AOSP email; I rarely have to reply to long emails so I mostly use my phone for all email-related tasks
SSH: VX ConnectBot (Android)
Terminal Emulator: Terminator
Remote Access: RealVNC as client, TightVNC as server
Note Taking: Evernote + Everpad
Password Manager: KeePass 2.x
Photo Editing: GIMP; for creative uses Paint Tool Sai in WINE.
File transfer: ftp/sftp/AndFTP (Android)
Archiver: p7zip-full
IDE: Eclipse Kepler
Bandwidth monitoring: iftop
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