Favorites programs that we are using
Browser - Google Chrome
Music and Videos - VLC Media Player
Archiver - 7-zip
Torrent Software - utorrent
Antivirus - Windows Defender
"An optimist is a fellow who believes a housefly is looking for a way to get out."
--George Jean Nathan

Music and Videos-VLC and windows media player
Torrent Software- utorrent
Antivirus-Avira Free Antivirus
My list:

Web Browser : Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox
Editor : gedit / nano / Sublime Text
Videos : VLC / Kodi (Movies / TV Series)
Music: Rhythm Box Music Player / Spotify
office : Libreoffice
ssh : openssh
Web Browser : Google Chrome And Firefox
Email Client : Gmail, Hotmail
IM : None if them
Text Editor : The classic NotePad
IRC client : Nope
movies : MPC-HC
office : Microsoft Office
Ssh : PuTTY
Thank you Freevps.us and Hostigation for my VPS 18 Smile
Chrome , Notepad , VLC , IDM , Mobogenie... That`s the programs that i use the most Cheese
Thank you https://hostmada.com/ and https://freevps.us/ for VPS 21.
Webbrowser : Google Chrome
Programming C#/Unity : Visual Studio/Sublime Text (depending on what I need to do)
XAML editing : Visual Studio/Kaxaml
Website Editing/Mockups (HTML/CSS) : Dreamweaver (only using WYSIWYG interface to see the changes regarding div size etc.)/Sublime Text
Mediaplayer : VLC
'Assistant' : Voiceattack (got like too many commands for everything)
Antivirus : Avira/Malwarebytes
Modelling : Blender
Texture Creation : Photoshop / Crazybump
Designing : Photoshop
Desktop Modification : Rainmeter
Web browser: Mozilla Firefox
video player: VLC
FTP: Filezilla
SSH: Putty/Terminal
Antivirus: QuickHeal
Image Viewer: Picasa
These are mine,
Web Browser-Google Chrome
Video Player- VLC and KM player
Antivirus-Avast antivirus
Downloader-Ant download manager and Torrent also used.

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