Favorites programs that we are using

There are many programs that we are using at daily basis also on
our desktop and our server
with bold are the command line interface programs . Cuz I am using
italics are only linux desktop apps
Let start .

Web Browser : Mozilla Firefox / links2
Email Client : Mozilla Thunderbird / mutt
IM : Pidgin / finch / centerim
Editor : mousepad / gvim / vim / nano
IRC client : hexchat / quassel / irssi
movies : smplayer
office : Libreoffice
Ssh : openssh

how about u ?
Here's my list,

Browser - Firefox , Chrome
Media - VLC Player
Virus guard - BitDefender Free
FTP - FileZilla
DVD writer - XPBurner
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

Browser: Opera and Firefox
Multimedia Player: Windows Media Player
Virus Guard: MalwareBytes
FTP: FileZilla
SSH: PuTTy and Bitvise
IRC: xChat
Browser: Google Chrome and Firefox.
Multimedia Player: VLC
Virus Guard: Avira + IObit Malware Fighter
Remote Desktop: VNC and TeamSpeak.
VOIP: Skype
Picture Editing: Adobe Photoshop

for Coding: Submlime txt/edit Plus/ text mate
Photography - Photoshop
Videos - Vlc Player..
My list:

Browser: Firefox and Chrome
SSH: Putty
Players: Windows media player and vlc player
Ftp: File zila
Antivirus: Avast
Text editor: Notepad
Browser: Firefox (Open Source) + Chrome (HTML5 more compatible)
SSH: Stupid question. OpenSSH (ssh command)
Media: VLC Media Player. Because, why not?
FTP: FileZilla (Nice GUI)
Text Editor: Sublime Text or VIM FTW!!!!
Antivirus: None

^ Just my small list Smile
Ex-Moderator at FDC | Heads a high school coding club
Most often I use these programs:

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
Movies: Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic
Picture editor: Adobe Photoshop
Office: Microsoft Office
FTP: WinSCP, FileZilla
Virus guard: Kaspersky Internet Security
Image Viewers: IrfanView
Web browser : firfox, opera, chrome(sometimes)
Media : VLC Player
Email : Thunderbird
FTP : Winscp and filezilla,
SSH : putty
Antivirus : Avast
Web browser : chrome
audio: foobar
Email : Thunderbird
FTP : Winscp and filezilla,
SSH : putty
Antivirus : Avast
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