What Antivirus program do you use?
I'm using Node32 latest version + Returnil sandbox
Avast free antivirus
more than 8 years of using avast, I think is still better than other antivirus
(2014-07-31, 5:52:50 am)xfix Wrote:  Of course it has viruses. Ok, there is a serious page with viruses (note that 100% of viruses here don't exist in practice). Some actually write code that asks for root password, and does evil stuff after getting it. Not that this is common, and if you actually gave a virus your password, well. Also, why you would use unknown code, when software repositories contain lots of useful code.

that's the point really is. i found so many people were saying that Linux is free of virus. this is ridiculous. there is no PERFECT thing in this world, even Linux. so how can they be so sure that Linux is FREE of VIRUS?

in my concept, yes, it is rarely to get it. but at least, the coders are really love to made the virus for Microsoft's product because of so many people still keep in love to use the Windows. and you know what? that means it has more chances to steal the files as many as you can by the virus for Windows. cracker and carder is the good sample for it.
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(2014-07-30, 11:58:00 pm)Hello71 Wrote:  [Image: linux_user_at_best_buy.png]

i guess your linux machine has never been infected. Mine once got infected by a ddos bot (/boot/.IptabLes and /boot/.IptabLex) which used root exploitation vulnerability of apache tomcat.
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Hey , I'm using Bitdefender Internet Security for 2 years and i can say that this is the best antivirus Smile .
I like the most the friendly interface and the low ram consumption

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I use AVG in windows xp (as ir is free),and Kaspersky Internet Security in windows 7
(2014-07-31, 5:48:09 am)Desperado Wrote:  so do you think that Linux has no virus? are you sure with your statement? :dodgy:
Well, this isn't a virus, but an effective attack method against newbs.
I can say that I'm pretty lazy when copying commands with lots of arguments...
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I use AVG AntiVirus 2014. I've used Norton and ESET for quite some years before and haven't had any problem.
I always using Avast Antivirus on all of my computers.
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I am using Avira Pro Antivirus. Avira antivirus is best for me, because its very stable for my computer and best protection against the viruses.

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