What Antivirus program do you use?
im using avast antivirus for the windows
and for mac? nothing antivirus installed
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UNIX like systems for the most part don't have viruses in the same way that Windows and Mac systems do. The issues you primarily have to look out for are rootkits and patching for our of date packages and kernel issues (in the case of linux, often the kernel is a package as well). One of the greatest dangers of unknown code in UNIX like systems is binary blobs. Essentially, most wireless drivers, flash, and nvidia support are among the biggest offenders. If your systems are patched, then what's going to come down on you is actually knowing how to correctly configure your own firewall. To end up with something akin to what Windows users would identify as a 'virus' on a UNIX like system, you'd pretty much have to have no idea what you're doing and be running something horribly easily and commonly exploited like Java or PHP. The only time I have set up anti virus on UNIX like systems is when building out mail servers to scan attachments for things that Windows users might use, not because it would affect my end in any way. You can say it's surface area, but I'd argue more heavily that it's just bad programming, bad design, and the fact that closed source leads to binaries of unknown intent able to sneak in and if/when they have since it's closed source and no one can evaluate the code, no one makes spots the exact problem or offers a patch for an exceedingly long time and the company lies about it for quite some time and months later releases a patch.

My point is, in UNIX like systems, it's usually entirely unnecessary, you watch for different things, and if you're running PHP and/or Java, you clearly don't care about security in the first place and running some farcical anti virus software is only going to useless eat resources on your system. Feel free to squander your resources though.
my opinion about viruses and malwares is that 90% of the ones you get, infect you not because your antivirus wasn't able to defend you, but because you simply got fooled. For example, if you deliberately install a program that in reality is a malware, and click yes when it asks you the admin permissions, then you have given it the admin permissions and it will be easily able to overrun the antivirus scan.
An antivirus is a useful tool to warn you, but it's not effective when you do things just without thinking.

I use Avast. I don't think it's work paying for my home computers. Avast is a pretty good free basic antivirus.
I'm using Avast professional version on my computer .
And don't forget to update your AV frequently ..
Righas now I am using bitdefender but I am not happy with it. It did not detect ad ware. I have to Manually remove adware from my Windows 8, moreover it use substantial amount of resources And behaves like a virus.
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For the record, you should actually look at the level of accuracy in the heuristics. Most of the professional things barely, if at all, beat open source free anti virus software like clamav. If you are really insistent on using a non-free OS, you're best off using ClamAV. If you're using a UNIX like OS, the only people running AV of any kind should be people hosting a mail server that has people using Windows using it.
I use Avast before because it is fast and doesn't slow down my computer (which is very old). I moved to Linux though since a few years ago.

When I bought a new laptop, it comes with Windows 8. I installed Avira instead of Avast since it is much faster now and I heard that Avira could catch more viruses than Avast. Plus they have a Linux version (though I no longer use it, I was using their Linux antivirus CDs to catch viruses on my Windows partition before completely moving to Linux), so I decided to be one of their users.

I use the free versions of Avira and Avast because I don't have money to pay for antiviruses, and I don't use Windows much anyway.
I used microsoft security essentials for a long time. But now i am reading review that it is not at all good . SO, i switched to Avast free antivirus. and it is working like charm
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(2014-08-10, 3:16:20 am)Tushar Wrote:  Righas now I am using bitdefender but I am not happy with it. It did not detect ad ware. I have to Manually remove adware from my Windows 8, moreover it use substantial amount of resources And behaves like a virus.

Hmm I have moved to bitDefender from Comodo because I have seen so many positive reviews about it. I use it in in Windows 7 and doesn't use too much resources but I still haven't got any idea how good it's at catching viruses.
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On Windows I use Norton 360 (we got a really good deal on it for the computers in my household, although I barely use Windows) and on Ubuntu, I don't have any anti-virus installed.

Norton 360 is good for catching shady downloads, but it doesn't have good compatibility with Chrome, so Norton can't tell you if a file is dangerous before you download it unfortunately.

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