What Antivirus program do you use?
What antivirus programs do you guys use? I personally love to use Malwarebytes anti-malaware. It's very easy to use and gets the job done well.
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Kaspersky Internet Security and local antivirus program called SmadAV when using Windows
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A local antivirus program NPAV,.i.e, Net Protector AntiVirus..
On my Win 7 install I use Avast home, but I have AVG on my XP VM. Not so much because I like AVG (I really rather hate it) but because I use the VM so infrequently that I can't be bothered to change it.
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i'm using avast on PC but I few month ago I installed Baidu antivirus on laptop and I must say I was surprised(positive), it is very light weight ,I not tryed but Baidu say it can be integrated in existing AV/IS protection(usefull if want try first without uninstall old AV/IS).It is future rich(considering light weight,very rich),you can enable aditional AV engines including Avira,real time protection,USB protection....
Windows defender on Windows 8.1 and MSE on Windows 7
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I use Eset nod 32, Lol i have never experience that software before but when i installed that on my pc, it works like hell and is very fast and maximum security Smile
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I use default anivirus in windows 8 called windows defender.
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I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security on all my computers Smile
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