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I just got an XCOM: Enemy Unknown key, so they are not out of keys. Bear in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for you to receive your key!
Yeah, I confirm that too. I also received XCOM EU game key after registering and voting. Go to first, then, vote, then register at . I got the key as soon as i clicked the verification link.
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Got the code for XCOM Eneme Unknown .. Also got an Payday: The Heist on steam this week is really awesome too many giveaways :v
Is this still working? I can see they started giveaway on Oct 8. Are all keys gone yet?
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UPDATE: Seems it is working. Here is a little explanation. Make sure when you are signing up that you don't use the same username in case you have GreenManGaming account. If you do that you won't receive email and it will inform you that you don't have right to redeem game. The email from voting campaign needs to be same but not the username if you have the same on GMG!
Free DLC for Magicka: Wizard Wars (Daft Robe DLC).

Anomaly: Warzone Earth Steam key is available if you register on Game Republic Just go to "My Games after registration once you've setup your profile and the game will be there.
(2014-10-17, 7:34:06 am)libnonexistence Wrote:  Vote and get XCOM: Enemy Unknown for free.

According to an email I got last week, Tomorrow they will take down the giveaway. If you haven't got it yet (And they haven't ran out of keys), You might want to hurry on it if you want the game.

"Free game giveaway site will be live until 23:59 UTC 24th October 2014 or while stocks last."
(2014-10-19, 1:23:09 am)libnonexistence Wrote:  Free DLC for Magicka: Wizard Wars (Daft Robe DLC).


is this just a robe? and i'm guessing this is a separate game from magicka?
It's for the Free Magicka game on steam.

Usually for DLC Key Giveaways it doesn't matter if you own the base game, but some do require it. Since this is a free game you technically already own a 'license'.

Edit: It's just a robe which provides a boost to lightning spells and an emote.

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