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Pharaoh's Mystery - March 18, 2017
[Image: de86489d2bca5e880964e906836b52c8.jpeg]
Unleash the power of the scarab
50+ levels; 12 power-ups; Beautiful graphics.
[Image: f9fbf6565319c55dbfd67c62ba377590_250.jpeg] [Image: 4cf986563fbeaee2ccbbd92edd83663a_250.jpeg] [Image: 8f2cac0e1d15aab31a7103c8f8935c44_250.jpeg]
[Steam] Lichdom Battlemage (ends on March 26th)

Giveaway link.

Note that this is more like a raffle but since they are giving away 50k steam keys the chances of getting one seems to be pretty good.

Genre: first-person RPG

[Image: Lichdom_Battlemage_cover_art.jpg]

[Image: lichdom-battlemage-b.jpg?itok=SpLpIMgT]

[Image: lichdom-battlemage-c.jpg?itok=viCt_luG]

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