Great Deal on Backup Target!
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5 USD + 5 USD setup costs! Against our rules!

Don't Waste Money on services you don't need

Maybe you just need a backup target, at an affordable price, that you can grow when you need.  There are lots of businesses who want to sell you services you don't need. Some of them sound very interesting but very complex. What if you just need a place to target with your backup software or even manually put your files?

Keep it simple, keep it as long as you like

The Availanet FTP Backup Target has simple, predictable pricing without a whole bunch of bells and whistles that just cost you money. No extra bandwidth charges - no charges for a dedicated server - no charges for puts and gets - no charges for agents and servers - no charges when you want to download a backup for restore. Most backup software allows you to write to FTP - making this a deal that's very easy to understand and use! 

It costs you $5/mo to be a customer and that includes your first 10 GB. After that, you can buy 50GB increments of space for only $2.50/mo and 100GB increments for only $4.75/mo. You can combine smaller packages to save yourself a few dollars. Remember, no other charges apply. The price you see here is precisely the price you pay (and $0.0475/gb/mo is a pretty good deal)

Get Started Today!

Click >>> HERE <<< to be taken to the signup page.

Use the promo code FREEVPS when you sign up and we'll waive the $5 setup fee making it even more affordable for you to get started.
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