Jamendo, and licensing questions
It's where I go when I want ambience music, or when I want to listen to some non-vulgarly-played musics, different sounds.

I must say I don't like 90% of their collection, but the other 10% are exactly what I like to listen to Smile.

Now, can someone clarify one thing? They sell commercial licenses for those wanting to include the tracks in commercial projects, TV and radio shows, etc. But, most of their musics (if not all) are licensed under Creative Commons, and Creative Commons licensed-material AFAIK doesn't require royalties for non-profit projects (if CC type is not Non-Commercial (CC-NC), they can also be used for commercial purposes).

So, if I want to start a shoutcast (or something like) webradio, do I need to pay anything to play CC-BY-SA-NC musics there, assuming the radio is non-profit? Because it appears to me that the guys at Jamendo Pro are trying to sell licenses for things that don't require royalties.
Download it always free, but what if I want to broadcast?

Some license-savvy user, please enlighten me! Cheese

PS: Yep, I could also try to broadcast that musics without any license, and wait until someone starts asking questions about legality, but I'm a fair person (at least I try to be!) and I'm not going to do that Smile

PS2: Funny thing, nobody replies...

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