Favorite Manga/Anime Characters
Haibane Renmei: Rakka & Reki.

Heaven's Lost Property: Daedalus, Sugata Eishirou, Ikaros & Satsukitane Mikako

Serial Experiments Lain: Lain

Texhnolyze: Ichise, Ran, Oonishi Keigo & Eriko Kamata

Jin Roh: Fuse Kazuki

Mushishi: Ginko
Here are my favorite characters:
Attack on Titan: Mikasa
Death Note: L / Ryuzaki / Ryuga

I just started watching anime, so I don't have much on my list.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Riza Hawkeye // She's loyal, but smart as well and can decide for herself
  • Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. - Hachiman & Yukinon // Yukinon can be irritating due to her lack of sociability, but still a nice character
  • Mushishi - Ginko
  • Zetsuen no Tempest - Hakaze

I don't have a lot of favorite characters, because I'm extremely picky, but those would be them I suppose.
(Gon Freecss - Killua Zoldyck - Leorio Paradinight - Hisoka - Isaac Netero - Ging Freecss - Satotz and All members of Zoldyck ) HunterXhunter

(Gol D Roger - Jimbei -Monkey D. Garp - Shanks - White Beard - Silvers Rayleigh - Sabo Monkey D Dragon - Monkey D Luffy - Zorro - Sanji - Nami - Chopper - Brook - Frankey - Usopp - Robin) One Piece

saitama One Punch Man

(Naruto - Sakura - Sasuke - Kakashi - All Kages) Naruto

Light Yagami - L - Ryuko) Death Note

(Goku - Vegita - Gohan )Dragon Ball
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Im soo bad with names. Cant remember names of many of my favorite characters.

Bleach - Captain Ukitake This guy was soo cool. I was waiting too see him doing some real ass kicking in final battle but no, author had to kill him just before the battle making him emperor's hand or something.

Naruto - Jiraiya. One of the three Sanin. Big guy who was writing a peverted novel series. One of the most powerful Ninja his village could offer. Again ended up dead before the final a battle. Then Kakashi, next coolest guy in Naruto. Strange why author didnt want to get rid of him too. Ah nop. He killed him but then brought him back to life. Hinata. One of my favorite Anime girls. Loved by everyone.

KissxSis - Ako and Riko. Twin sisters who are crazy about their adopted younger brother. Yep these Japs good at come up with really crazy stuff.
Yeah. That's true. we saw this in both Naruto and Bleach. Several popular characters are killed by those authors. Also Both endings we not so great as I expected. One moment they finished the battle and then they had all grown up and have kids and stuff.
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Favourites heroes and villains too;

* L from death note
* Rury mercury from GATE
* The bad from pinguin drum
* Onizuka from GTO
* Ryoma and kaidou from prince of tennis
* Sato from Noragami
* Ranpo from Bonku Stray Dogs
* Sinbad from magi
Mushishi - Ginko
Mirai Nikki - Yuno Gasai
Code Geass - C.C.
Akame Ga Kill - Akame
Guilty Crown - Inori
Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian Michaelis
Attack on Titan - Mikasa
SAO - Kirito
Hunter X Hunter - Kaito
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge - Tanaka

Worst character: Saiki Kusuo from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.
L - Death Note
Armin and Levy - Shingeki no Kyojin
Brook and Usopp - One Piece
Guts - Berserk
I watched Bleach Anime Season 15 - Gotei 13 Invading Army arc. I skiped some of these Arc series just sticking with the original story. But now I have started watching those seasons I skipped. This Arc shows some interesting stuff about Urahara and his fighting abilities.
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