Recently watched Animes?
I write this as answer to the first post question.

I finished Gintama just a few days ago, Only the 1st season, but there are 201 episodes. How to say, this anime is a fkn masterpiece, a comedy anime that makes parodies about all series we know and others without losing the principal argument of the series. Just Magic.
I love watch anime but I have not been catching up recently due to occupied with work, my girlfriend Smile and sometime games.
Anyone have any anime to recommend? My last anime i think was Attack on Titans, and Gundam G something lol(have not finish this yet)
Death Note and Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 are my favorite, I watch them like twice in a week because I'm very busy Sad
I've been waiting every week for new episodes of "Charlotte"
It's just released this month and has 2 episodes already.

It's an Anime not based on any manga or light novel
I watched Death Note and It is really good. Everybody says iı is good, but I havenot enough time for watching it. I watched finally and I really like it. I prefer it everybody.
Finished watching Tokyo Ghoul A.
The animation is good and the plot is also nice.
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Finally I have been able to watch the movie "Psycho Path" for the Anime series "Psycho Pass". A very good Anime movie. The Anime series was also good.
The latest I've watched is "Attack on Titans". The beginning few episodes were very interesting but as it went on, it became sort of like your regular teen anime. Still not too bad.
this week completed Fate (all series, seasons & episodes), currently ongoing is "working"
Reading and watch the overlord, its really cool (the light novel is x1000 better tho than the anime adaption)

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