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Watching new ongoing fall anime season, K: Return of Kings.
I love K Project series. The animation and the background music are so cool.
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I've recently watched Akame ga Kill & Toradora. Akame ga Kill is totally worth a watch if you want an anime with the right amount of bloodshed & Toradora's good if you need a laugh.
Reading Light Novels/Web Novel:-

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So after S.L.C hit me up about Ghost In The Shell on the shoutbox a while ago I watched something.

The 5th episode of the Arise series called Pyrophoric Cult and the new Ghost In The Shell movie (2015) setting in straight in after the Arise series and going on with the story til the final end.

Both were pretty good.
A few days a go I began watching Overlord and also finished it the same day. And I must say that it was quite a good anime. It's about this dude falls a sleep while playing an online rpg game the same day that the game servers are being shut down. When he wakes up he realizes that he's still in the game and that he has the body of his character. Which is a huge monstrous skeleton with every power and skill that the game could have and which he collected through his obsessive game-play.

He wakes up in the fortress that he created with his buddies before the game was shut down. He and he buddies were (almost) the most powerful characters in the game. Powers going beyond 'god' like levels. And every one of them created another NPC character to serve them through the game. These NPC characters are also extremely powerful. But now that he's the only one of his friends who got trapped in the game. All the NPCs consider him the ruler of all things.

The game world also changed. The characters are actually 'human beings' that have reason and 'feelings' you could say. So now that he's alone in this new world he starts to be afraid of what other powerful beings might be out there. He doesn't want the lose his life or the life of NPCs his buddies created. At first when he starts to explore the world he realizes that every one is a bit primitive and when it comes to power they don't have much. In fact his power compared to theirs is like 1,000,000 times amplified.

As game progresses he discovers that are people or beings with more power in the game and what seemed to be a piece a cake at first becomes a bit more difficult. The series involves a bit of logic and strategy that might allow the otherwise virtual characters to survive as real beings that can be killed. Still powerful beings but once you die it's not as easy to re-spawn like you would in a game.

Great series that I highly recommend Cheese
I wanted to write this along with the above post but there was already too much tl;dr text. So that's why this has his own post.

The other anime that I've watched and just finished tonight was Prison School. At first I was a bit skeptic after reading the description and noticed the following 'boys' and 'all girls school'. I thought: What's so unique bout it? Skeptical

Huge mistake. One of my favorite anime this year. Combines everything all the things I enjoy ecchi and comedy. But what I've enjoyed most in this anime is that they've kept things serious till the end. Most ecchi anime these days ruin everything after the first 2-3 episodes or even in the pilot as with a lot of cases. Extremely generic 'boy is alone. girl comes and gives him powers. and they fight new monsters while throwing some pantsu here and there' in each episodes. The other case is 'boy joins girls club. trying to solve problems in every episode while throwing some ecchi here and there' Again that's the oldest fart in the book.

They all get annoying with kids romance and dumb repetitive stories. Prison School on the other hand keeps you both thrilled and laughing the whole series while throwing at you all the nudity and fetishes that you can think of. Tsundere, punishment, peeing, sweating, huge curves, awkward moments and blood above else.

This has an actually story and none of that crap out there where each episode has it's own story. And it's quite a good one. I highly recommend this but please watch it alone or away from anyone who can see you. This has some extremely awkward moments. Of course there are people who criticize the series for it's sadistic humor but at least tries to not be as generic as the rest of the crap out there.

@Nev if you're reading this then go watch it because it's awesome Cheese
Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - found 7 episodes on a random server of a German fan sub group. 11/10 would watch again. Beware. Watch at your own risk.
(2015-12-24, 4:59:01 am)Hidden Refuge Wrote:  Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid - found 7 episodes on a random server of a German fan sub group. 11/10 would watch again. Beware. Watch at your own risk.
Somebody told me this show was so stupid it was fun to watch :|
Also, I would like to add that I have been watching the Gundam that is still ongoing this season because I like that type of mecha military stuff and it has Russian translations too.

The main reason for posting here is because I see this section rarely gets used so I wanted to.
And to wish you happy new year in a very weird way:
Just finished To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness 2nd and Haibane Renmei.

To Love-Ru Trouble Darkness 2nd is the usual Ecchi comedy mix with school life and stuff. It's good if you want something to laugh at.

Haibane Renmei is beautiful. A serious Anime. Made by the same people who made Serial Experiment Lain.

Edit: 10th Jan 2016 - finished Serial Experiments Lain yesterday. Great anime. Feels like a trip on drugs at some points but otherwise it's top notch work.
Finished Texhnolyze a few minutes ago. A very dark, violent and sad Anime but certainly one of a master piece and something serious. It earned a place in my all time favorites and will always be recommended by me.

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