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For the past few days I tried watching Naruto Shippuuden for the sake of knowing what the hell was all that story about. And I must say that what started as a nice anime, turned into a complete sh!t show. Very few anime disappointed me to this degree.

Where do I start? Well, for starters, 500 episodes of this anime could easily be compressed into a regular 26 episode anime. How so?

  1. More than 50% of the episodes are fillers.
  2. Most of the scenes from the anime are repeated at least 5 times through out the series as memories or flashbacks. Some even more than 25 times. Basically you'll be seeing the same stuff at least 5 times over.
  3. Action scenes are just loud mouths with big talk and waiting around. Simply too much big talk and/or useless praising. 20 minutes of action in this anime can easily be covered in just one minute. That's how much they drag around.
  4. Overall, a lot of time is wasted on cheap static scenes that drag on and on and on. This anime is the definition of cheap animation.
You'll be spending a lot of times on the arrow keys skipping most of the anime. At least I did.

Normally I watch anime in their original audio (Japanese). Because it feels more natural. This one however. I don't think I've ever found a more disgusting dub. The voices just feel unnatural and overall obnoxious. Gawwwwd, I can't even describe how annoying it was/is.

Towards the end (at least the episodes released up to this post) you don't even know WTF you're watching anymore. The story becomes absolute junk. I simply cannot continue to watch it anymore. Too horrible.

If anyone want's to watch this anime. Just do it out of curiosity. Skim through it to get a feel of the story but get rid of it as soon as possible. Among the worst anime I've seen. An absolute waste of time.

My rating for this anime is a generous 2/10. I don't even know why this anime is so praised. Total crap.

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was able to watch One Piece Film: Gold yesterday, It was good (more than good), but don't know why it wasn't really up to my expectation . it could be because i expected too much Smile
High school DXD. Its an action comedy Anime. Story is not so bad and graphics are really good. It has too much fan service. So if you dont like ecchi stuff this anime is not for you.
Just finished Yosuga no Sora last night. I kept encountering it in list of recommended anime to watch. I remember I tried to watch it a few years back but dropped it at 3'rd episode or something like that. So this time I finally decided to finish it and see what's all this fuss about it. Conclusion? Well, I'm pretty sure that this anime is the definition of borderline hentai. And one of the very few anime that took incest all the way. Yeah, this anime is not for everyone. It keeps jumping to different timelines and alternate versions. I's like watching the same anime from different perspectives. Like what would've happened if this happened and this did not and so on. I can't really rate this anime because I'm not sure how I'm still a bit confused. So I prefer not to. Although it was an interesting experience. At least that's for sure.

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Just finished watching The seven deadly sins, nice anime, all characters have good superpowers, the best characters : meliodas and elizabeth. I have also liked Gowther and Bane. Anime rating: 10/10
Here is elizabeth:

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