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Mixed about gamers life, comedy and maybe love triangle. lol
Can't wait for next episode every week.

I give it 8/10 rating
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Recently watched anime of Death Note its was an amazing anime i just loved it so according to my taste of anime i will 8/10 rating
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I have just finished watching To Love Ru Darkness season. Watched all 13 episodes and anyone who love Ecchi, harem, comedy, school life Anime should watch this one. I can give full 10/10 for this one.
Watched Ao No Exorcist, Steins;Gate, Koe no Katachi, now watching Clannad: After Story and Made in Abyss

P.S. what you think about Gintama ? It's "must see" anime ?

I had watched the first season of To Love Ru long time ago. I have to agree this is a great Ecchi Anime. Graphics are amazing and story is good too. But I haven't had chance to watch rest from there. I heard the Darkness season has much more mature content and they have increase the harem. It's always one of the top 5 in every Ecchi Anime list.

I have started watching the one called Haganai. Another Comedy Anime.
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I've finished the first season of Jormungand on Saturday of last week. A great action packed Anime about a arms dealer queen with loyal bodyguards and a new child soldier bodyguard. They go through adventures while making deals and selling weapons. The main key point is that the new child soldier bodyguard is actually against weapons. He hates them and hates everyone who sells them and uses them. Yet he uses weapons to kill those who sell/use weapons. The arms dealer is a cool woman that has a bunch of bodyguards who help her with everything. She changes the boy during the whole story.

Currently watching Aku no Hana (The Flowers of Evil). Next might be the second season of Jormungand if I managed to somehow get H265 10 Bit video to play on mobile devices without giving me a green screen. I don't feel like watching Anime on the computer and my TV doesn't even support H265. Kodi on PC with Kodi remote on my tablet might however work out actually if I can't get my tab to play 10 Bit H265 MKVs properly. And the other alternative to watch is Shiki, Speedgrapher or Gunslinger Girl.

If you enjoy Anime like Black Lagoon you will surely enjoy Jormungand. So give it a try if you are looking for something good.
Watched Steins;Gate, great anime, I should have watched it earlier
Here is my drawing of mayuri:
What, you just now watched it? Well glad you've seen it, for reasons I'm sure you understand now.
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I just finished The Flowers of Evil (Aku no Hana) today. It is a great one. It is special. The drawing style is different and special for itself. The story is insanely weird but develops further quite well until everything turns. Everything about it is so weirdly different that I like it. I'm tired of the most season kid crap Animes. So I watch old, dark, weird and insane stuff that requires more interest and understanding.

And I also just watched the second part of Project Itoh. It is a really good Anime movie namely known as "Harmony". See for yourself. You will love it and if not then you're not a soul lost enough. I can really recommend it. Gives you stuff to think about.

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