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(2015-07-24, 9:52:33 pm)autokick Wrote:  how add random tips in a page

i get the script code but 2 hour ago i test but not work

Please open a topic at https://freevps.us/forum-15.html and explain your problems.

The community will try to help you.
Visited it, Interesting and might be helpful for the future so bookmarked it, Maybe I'll try hosting it on a vps and monitor the usage.
[Image: vkhbt94.jpg]
[Image: img.php?userid=12078]
A must-have list: https://medium.com/web-development-resou...6f4547802e
[Image: 209ir1e.png]
thank u for sharing....nice post
boosted my xperiance...
thanks to freevps.us for my VPS-18
Here's another great website to get free resources from:
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