Web design repo - free web design & development resources
I found a site with a lot of free web design & development resources like icons, tricks, tutorials and a lot more.

It's called web design repo and you can find it here

Github repo for self-hosted solution: https://github.com/mildrenben/webdesignrepo

Take a look. You may find your next web sites icons or anything else there Smile .
Aw Great! this is piece of bookmark on my chrome browser and i lost them 3 month ago and you share it! A list of library for design and developing website over there and very helpfull. thanks for sharing Smile
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Awesome !.l
Thanks for share it sir. Well i need more bookmark like this site, such like codrops, and jqueryscript.net. Cheese
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That website has a good collection of sites for almost everything like for icons, tutorials and plugins....
Thanks for sharing it with us, will use it in my future project.
As I'm web developer, this site will be useful for me, thank you
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This site is very helpful
The most important feature "Submit a link"
I wish to all user, add important site.
i find out on my bookmark folder, its about web design, graphic design so here is the Graphic Design Resource Cheese
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at there any post about
footer random link? , try find it, but maybe use alias name, how can see! and what a name
i want to try advertise in my homepage Cheese
Looks like the site is down but you can download it on Github and basically host it yourself Smile .

Github repo link add to the first post.
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how add random tips in a page
Write your tips, quotes, or any Proverbs you wish. It will Appears and change everyday along the month.

i get the script code but 2 hour ago i test but not work

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