Poll: Subbed or dubbed Anime?
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30 65.22%
10 21.74%
6 13.04%
Total 46 vote(s) 100%
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What do you prefer: subbed or dubbed Anime?
Yes I prefer watching earlier as possible, so that I will look for subtitled one.
Dubs are great though.
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preffered dubbed, but sometimes i watched anime with dubbed at subbed lol Cheese
i choose both ,
subbed it is nice to hear original voice and kawai voice
dubbed not need to read the text again
thanks for freevps.us taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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I prefer subbed, I also like dubbed as long as I haven't watched a subbed one
Subbed. As for some dubbed anime or movies, you won't feel the sincerity on how it was act if the voice is different.
I just finished watching.. again.. Hajime-no-Ippo Tounge
Thank you Freevps.us Smile 
Depends on the quality of dubbed anime, if it's not good enough then I go for subbed.

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I like Subbed anime, because by seeing subs and watching together, your reading and focus skills increase
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I like subbed. Dubbed Anime is not actually bad for me but I just prefer subbed. Smile
Subbed, because we learn the language aswell and it will stay original Cheese
I liked Dubbed only for Dragon Ball Z/GT & Samurai X. Otherwise, I alws prefer subbed.

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