Poll: Subbed or dubbed Anime?
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What do you prefer: subbed or dubbed Anime?
I think without Japanese vocals it's hard to enjoy Anime. I remember watching dubbed Anime in cartoon channel and those English vocals and expressions always made me feel like something missing.
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When it comes to any foreign language movies/shows, I always prefer subtitles to dubbed voices. I just find that it's distracting when the dubbed voice doesn't match the character.
I have to say that I like dubbed because I do not like looking at the screen to see what they are saying. However, I can understand people who like subbed for the native language and expression.
I like both. Dubbed into English with English subs, as depending on the quality of sound, I sometimes can't decipher words. Particularly if they are at a certain pitch.
by far subbed ones. In general i like the original language, i apply that to movies too. I don't speak japanes for example but can understand a lot of words or phrases and i like to compare them with the sub and see if is good or not.
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I always watch subbed, Once, I decided to try both of subbed and dubbed and see which is better and can't say I even liked dubbed by any possible way!
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Sub course, I am not a fan of dubbed things. I think they lose grace.
Subbed. I like them in their original acting, which I find less artificial and more true to the overall emotion of the characters. Of course, there may be exceptions.
Japanese voice tends to be very high pitched, so when you watch dub you may feel like a character is much cooler with a more appropriate voice. Although the whole point in anime could be that the voice is supposed to be like and it would be weird when English producers try to interpret what they are saying. Most of the time the sub is the best version to watch. But there are times where I am not quite sure which one is the better one. Some shows are better to watch dubbed, I will show you an example here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxJ4VWoeOzs&t=2m46s

Now I started watching something called Shiki, but I stopped because I'm not sure if I should watch it dubbed or subbed. I think I'll probably get back to it in a few days and check out a part of it of both to decide. It's really annoying that you are free to pick both voice tracks xD I remember watching the 7 deadly sins on Netflix and I immediately put it to English though because of super high pitch voice good god. Somehow it's not good with Chromecast so it kept resetting itself to Japanese though, or maybe Netflix doesn't want me to see the dub?
I prefer subbed animes, most of the times the dubbed ones have strange voices who doesn't fit at all the character they are impersonating. However, in my opinion, there are a few animes with decent actors.
In the other hand, however, there might be mistranslation in the subbed one, so i guess it is an hard choice for me.

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