Poll: Subbed or dubbed Anime?
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What do you prefer: subbed or dubbed Anime?
I like dubbed anime more if they made a good job. But unfortunately many companies do a very shame job, but there are exceptions.
For example one of my favorite dubbed anime is Viona in this year.
(2017-09-12, 3:21:25 am)noballz Wrote:  So you must learn about japanese languange xD
Sub help the translation of characters talks
Maybe you are know word that too often speaken like baka, yokatta, konniciwa, minna san, omae wa, ikuzo, and etc haha

Well lol, i guess so. I was born in the states and didn't really learn that much jp from my mom. So yea gotta learn my language again Tounge
Well those are basic words, and its really not that hard to learn jp if you are commited and able to cross the kanji difficulty Tounge
I like Dubbed animes only if they did it in a good way some of dubbed animes will just ruin your mind and some dubbed animes will make you happy Tounge
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I like subbed anime, because of I can learn how Japanese speak. And somehow I can memorize some Japanese words because of it subbed anime.
Don't really like dubbed anime, because of our dubber in Indonesia don't have a 'cute' voice like Japanese have.
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Subbed all day, Dubbing is never fun to be honest, A lot of studios mess up the translations, Japanese is a ear-friendly even though i only know and understand few words, Subbing puts that special flavor in watching anime.
I also prefer subbed anime as it allows me to listen to another language and not just English all the time . The languages are soothing to ears as well and you can feel the emotions with the original recording even if you don't anything about the language or you are listening to it the first time.
I prefer subbed anime as it has more originality as dubbed. Sometimes, in dubbed animes, some dubs will be wrong when translated to subbed. Plus, dubbed anime release is longer than subbed. Subbed will and probably is the best anime version you should watch.
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