GoodHosting - Limited Support!
Dear respected FreeVPS Directory & Discussion members and especially GoodHosting VPS owners,

We'd like to inform you all that the support for our current GoodHosting VPSs (VPS 5 & VPS 6) has become very limited due to certain circumstances out of our control.

For a long period of time we've not been able to get support from GoodHosting. To be exact, all kind of general and support tickets have not been answered and were closed. Unfortunately GoodHosting has become inactive and disappeared from sites such as LowEndTalk and even our own forum. Therefore we're simply not able to get any support for you from the provider at this time.

We do not know what exactly the problem is and we're not going to pull something out of the air that could be complete nonsense because we really have no clue what is going on.

We'd like to warn you that we can only provide a very limited support to you for your GoodHosting VPS. We'll try to help as much as we can when we have enough time to do so and of course the required knowledge.

Before picking a GoodHosting VPS please think more than twice about it! We might not be able to solve all your problems and some things may simple not work due to things out of our control. Another important thing is that the service could stop without prior warning as we have not heard anything from GoodHosting in so long!!! And please remember that our VPSs are all unmanaged.

Unmanaged means that you are reponsible for almost everything by yourself. The providers usually only help when it is something only they can solve. Providers are not obliged to give support to you for things like "I can't install LAMP because I get a error" or "How can I install VNC" and similar cases for that you are responsible. However some providers may still provide help for such cases as they want it and do it freely! Do not forget: your main support frame is this forum and you are not allowed to contact sponsors directly regarding your FreeVPS VPS with them.

We're very sorry for the caused inconvenience and would like to thank you for your understanding.

Kindest Regards,

FreeVPS Staff & FreeVPS Administration
So an advice for FVPS User with a GH VPS is to backup everything.
martip07, personal site
FreeVPS, for give me a good vps 
Yup, I learned this several months ago when weird things were happening and were unable to be resolved.
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GoodHosting is / was a very good VPS provider. I don't know why they are disappearing. I hope things are right with them. I had a VPS with them and it was working all good before a small attack ruined everything. Point is that they will be back or vanish.
That's sad to see a good provider become inactive now. I think it's better those who have GoodHosting box move to another provider in next give away. Clearly freevps staff can't do anything about the situation and since there have been no response from provider its better do something now than wait till worst.
[Image: img.php?userid=8114&vps1]

Unfortunately we've had to remove GoodHosting from our sponsor list and our VPS list.

The Canada server is down again and we do not know for how long and according to other people who where sponsored by GoodHosting their Chicago location went down even earlier.

The official company entry for GoodHosting's parent company in Canada does not exist anymore.

We do not know what is going on but something is not right. All VPS 5/6 owners please contact me or cw1998 for a replacement.

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