5 year special VPS

5 Year Anniversary - Special one off VPS

To further celebrate the 5th anniversary of this site, ZXPlay has very kindly sponsored us a one off VPS to go to one user!
This VPS has 4GB of RAM, 200GB of hard drive space, 2 CPUs, located in Germany, KVM, unmetered bandwidth.

To enter the competition to get the VPS, send me a PM with the subject "Special VPS" and include why you think you should get the special VPS, what you will use it for, and all the other usual details that are included in VPS requests.

This VPS will only go to members who will make the most use out of it and not abuse it!

Good luck to all who enter!

Best Regards,
Best of luck to those who apply. I am not gonna apply this time since I am far more than happy with my vps 7.
Just give it to me
martip07, personal site
FreeVPS, for give me a good vps 
At least for now I don't need such as this huge VPS specifications. I'm pretty happy with my current VPS. Hope it will get someone who really needs it.
Hello there!

[Image: img.php?userid=11569]
(2015-04-02, 4:49:19 am)Poli Wrote:  Just give it to me

LOl Poli ..

Best of luck to all who applied for it. I would love a VPS 7. but i dont see those coming back into giveaway pool anyday soon Wink

so let me try my luck here Cheese
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
I think enough to get VPS 8, and I did not wish to be greedy by applying for this Smile
Thank you FreeVPS and ZXPlay for VPS 7 and 19

[Image: show_img.php?userid=17170&vpscount=2]

Don't PM me for support, use an appropriate forum to ask for support
Goodluck to whoever enters this giveaway! This is the best VPS that is being offered.
Thank you ZXPlay and FreeVPS for my VPS 7
Thank you zxplay and freevps for this nice offer. I would like to request , that this VPS must be given to atleast 2 year old user, as they had put there lot of time, hard work and dedication.
Thank you, FreeVPS, and ZXPlay for making this Giveaway possible! Good luck to everyone!
(2015-04-02, 4:49:19 am)Poli Wrote:  Just give it to me

Agreed. Give it to the masked bunny photo.

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