News - Terms & Conditions and a reminder
Dear respected FreeVPS Directory & Discussion members,

We'd like you to know that we've decided to put proper terms & conditions for our service in place to make things clear that may be clear for most of you but not for everyone and especially not for new members who just registered.

You can find the terms & conditions here: (also at the top of forum in the header on the right of "VPS Information & Requirements".)

A reminder regarding VPS applications

Read the VPS giveaway thread carefully and all threads and announcements too that the giveaway is linking to, such as the "How to apply" announcements, our VPS requirements, the game server policy and the new terms & conditions page.

From now on all applications in the wrong format or with missing information will be really ignored and closed. We will not inform you about your mistakes regarding your application thread. Why? We ask you to read everything carefully. If you did you wouldn't use a wrong application format or forget to include required information.

Again; Do not apply for VPSs that are not available because you've seen it being available in a outdated Facebook post or somewhere else. Only the VPSs are available that are listed in the current active and open giveaway topic. Applications for not available VPSs will be ignored and closed without prior notice, too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kindest Regards,
FreeVPS Directory & Discussion
Yet another tl;dr that no one will read Cheese Though I appreciate the detailed specifications and I really hope this will take out some of the questions that newbies have. Also, because every new user will probably look for the TOS. It might be a good idea to add some small links at the bottom of that page as a reminder "Hey, you're now familiar with the TOS. Why not read the rules and familiarize your self with the procedure used to win a VPS". Might not be necessary but some people really forget about those Cheese Never mind, I just realized the links are embedded in the TOS text.

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