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This is more story based comedy, but I really like it because it has that light humor as well as a message at the end.

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A few movies from the comedy genre I've seen some days ago.

1. Friday
2. Next Friday
3. Friday After Next

Movies with Ice Cube and some comedy.
Here's a short interview which i found funny...

An interview with anne hathaway which i found funny!
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(2015-05-22, 2:37:46 pm)saurav Wrote: ... watch?v=lTgVwuUNNEQ

Do they really have to scream like that? I bet the next day, they used a sign  language after all that screaming :rotfl:

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maybe u guys have seen this before Laugh

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The funniest moment on a film for me is on the 2nd part of this compilation of the Jim Carrey's "Liar Liar" Funny Parts .
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Greek Stretcher Bearers. Hilarious Scene Laugh

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