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This is more story based comedy, but I really like it because it has that light humor as well as a message at the end.

[Image: 209ir1e.png]

A few movies from the comedy genre I've seen some days ago.

1. Friday
2. Next Friday
3. Friday After Next

Movies with Ice Cube and some comedy.
Si enim fallor, sum. Nam qui non est, utique nec falli potest. Ac per hoc sum, si fallor. Quia ergo sum, si fallor, quomodo esse me fallor, quando certum est me esse, si fallor?
Here's a short interview which i found funny...

An interview with anne hathaway which i found funny!
[Image: ?id=%2Ffvps&userid=3863]
(2015-05-22, 2:37:46 pm)saurav Wrote: ... watch?v=lTgVwuUNNEQ

Do they really have to scream like that? I bet the next day, they used a sign  language after all that screaming :rotfl:

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maybe u guys have seen this before Laugh

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The funniest moment on a film for me is on the 2nd part of this compilation of the Jim Carrey's "Liar Liar" Funny Parts .
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Greek Stretcher Bearers. Hilarious Scene Laugh

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