Tapatalk support dropped due to privacy & security violations

Tapatalk support dropped due to privacy & security violations

Dear FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Community,

We're officially dropping support for Tapatalk for our forum FreeVPS Directory & Discussion due to recent privacy & security violations by Tapatalk.

The Tapatalk plugin comes with a function that is turned on by default without the consent of the server administrators and a proper option to disable it. This function reads data from the database (such as your e-mail address, name and whatever else is stored in the forum database) and sends this data to the Tapatalk server without our consent!

Tapatalk comments that this is necessary for their "Trending posts, threads and etc... e-mails" to send e-mails to users about trending content. The most shocking however is that it is nowhere stated and explained. They say it's a beta. So Tapatalk has access to the whole forum database without ever asking for consent. Moreover this feature can only be disabled in the plugin configuration file. Who is looking for a option in ACP of the forum will have bad luck and find absolutely nothing.

allow_trending from 1 to 0 = disable the function

This violations are not something we're going to forgive or accept. Therefore we've deactivated and fully uninstalled Tapatalk from our forum and server.

I've not been able to find something about this in English because so far only a German forum has uncovered this spying tool.


Thank you for your understanding. We're always here to defend you and your privacy.

Kindest Regards

FreeVPS Administration
Wow! You guys are really up for our Privacy! Job well done freevps!
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Personally I didn't really like Tapatalk, It wasn't a great app, and the ads annoyed me.. So it's good for me to see it go
Tapatalk was good if we do not have modern mobile browsers which can easily render the forum, in additional Tapatalk have no applications for old phones.So just useless at this time.
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That was very good of you in doing that. When I joined here, I saw that freevps.us supported Tapatalk and I was going to inform you of this.
I too, had a forum with Tapatalk installed. On reading their Terms and Conditions (quite a while after the installation), I was terribly bewildered on seeing the big privacy hole.
So, I decided to drop, Tapatalk support.
Besides this Tapatalk was not that great, to put me in a fix of the uninstallation.
Thanks to FreeVPS and GalaxyHostPlus for VPS 22!
This is a proof that FreeVPS is safe and trustworthy site where one can give his personal information without much thinking in order to get a VPS.
By the way, since FreeVPS had Tapatalk for so much time, is it right that they have already read FreeVPS's database and our email address and else is with them?
We only had a few users using Tapatalk. This means if they were affected by this the damage is very small overall. cw1998 was using Tapatalk however he didn't receive any trending content e-mails as far as I know. There was no way to prevent this as Tapatalks techniques are quite shady and hidden. Atleast now someone has uncovered this and we reacted fast enough to prevent more damage.

We have deleted FreeVPS from Tapatalk and our Tapatalk Site owner account and all data associated with it.
I once may have said that I don't trust Tapatalk (I should have clarified it's nonfree because it doesn't have source code available, but oh well).

Anyway, this is believe for the better. Less code means less potential ground for security vulnerabilities (and during my quick Tapatalk plugin source code check a year ago, I found lots of code that is barely secure). In my opinion, Tapatalk should be blacklisted from installation forever. Don't install it even two years later, if somebody asks about it, point them to this thread.
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
Wow, that's pretty crazy! I'm glad it's disabled now. Does this only affect Tapatalk users or everyone on the forums?
Good to know. I removed TapTalk also from my forum and give credit to freevps Smile

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