General forum for our "Advertising & Sharing" section
Hello FreeVPS Directory & Discussion!

We're happy to announce that we've added a general forum to our advertising and sharing section.

It allows offers that are expensive, require verification (through a credit card, SMS or whatever), domain auctions and giveaways. Of course it also allows much more than what is allowed in the free & ultra cheap forums (i.e: offers without a real billing/order/registration system).

It's a all-around forum for all kind of offers that simply do not fit into the other forums of the advertising & sharing forum. Allowing providers to advertise their expensive plans and other products that they couldn't advertise here before.

This is a new forum and it's experimental therefore we may add new rules and modify rules if necessary to adjust the posted content to a proper level. Changes and new rules will be announced properly.

Rules of the new general advertising & sharing forum:

Best Regards

Your FreeVPS Directory & Discussion Adminstration Team
We've added a new rule.

Public WHOIS is a must (only applies if advertising companies and their products).

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