Free VPS Providers List - Update Weekly
f8ll, added what you had say.
infinity, edited what you said.

#12 working
You should use . or somekind of whitespace character instead of `, it's clearer to read.

Currently trying
They require CC or PayPal though, I selected PayPal and I could continue.
I HAVE IT Cheese
My first CPanel VPS is in, just for 1 month though, but I got it! worked, thanks!
[Image: lJnc516.png]
Thank you for sharing this information.

I have compared these provider, i find only is the best one for me. ha..

I will try me best to get one.
(2011-08-11, 10:43:54 am)f8ll Wrote:  Nice job! I'm sure that list will be useful and probably deserves a sticky Smile

It may be useful to add that some of those are trials and are only free for whatever days. i.e. 30 days for pritell or three months for host1plus

Current stock may be also be useful but that'll be a pain to keep track of.

I agree with all of that, just make another column and write trial or not and maybe a stock column if possible.

(2011-08-11, 8:36:46 pm)iCarrot Wrote:  You should use . or somekind of whitespace character instead of `, it's clearer to read.

I also agree with that, since it is a fixed width font you can just use the space bar XD

But this is a nice un, and will be useful.
use . is very messy, i had tried it before, bcuz courier's "." is big XD
and congratz to CraHeX for getting it!
Jamison, not just a boring forum, i learn many thing and experience many thing at here!
BTW. Just found out today that iHubHost wont be providing VPS's anymore.

And also MyCpanel's VPS is slow as hell, I did expect that though.
ok, thanks for your information, i will edit now
how bout this?
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