What type of email do you use?
What type of email do you use? And which email client?

I currently use gmail for my HTC and other person things. I also have a hotmail account for msn. But I don't use my hotmail client. I just use my gmail one.
Google Apps on my domains and a gmail account.
Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and I have work emails with my webhosts.
My Main SIte/Blog - http://angelicdeviltel.tk
My Twitter - @AngelicDevilTel
Oh yea! I forgot about all of my webhost clients Tounge
I am using Yahoo and Gmail.

Millions Thank FreeVPS & LoomHosts for my lovely VPS8
gmail most of the time.

I have configured thunderbird to use email of the websites that I host
Thank you freeVps and Loomhosts for the amazing VPS

Gmail (humzabobat :at: googlemail.com, and lots more...), Google Apps (infinitymedia.org.uk, humzabobat.co.uk, aerocrash.net, fontcreate.net) and lastly one for my webhost (mitihost.com).

All of which are hooked upto Thunderbird with "Minimize to tray revived".
gmail, hotmail, gmx, and school email accounts.

They all forward mail to my gmail account so I check everything there. If I need to use an email client (for gpg signing or whatever) I use mutt.
I wish all my mail went into one client, I just havent set it up yet Sad
Gmail and google apps for email hosting, as for a client im using Claws (http://www.claws-mail.org).

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