[VPS 1, 7, 13, 19] ZXPlay VPS Specification update (IPv6)
You use IPv6 the same way you use IPv4. No real difference on the client side. Just longer addresses. Everything defined by the IETF most likely works over IPv6 already like SSH, HTTP, DNS and so on.

Only custom protocols that people wrote themselves may not all work with IPv6 but that is up to the developers to fix it.

IPv4 will not disappear even if IPv6 will be available everywhere.
so although I do not have internet package, I can still use the internet via mobile? when my mobile settings with ssh?

wow maybe iam late know about ssh vpn thank Hidden Refuge
for anything information
In order to use IPv6 your Internet provider has to support IPv6 and provide you with IPv6 connectivity.
about that i dont know but many people in indonesia use ssh
same card seluler me! maybe yes, but maybe not Cheese but thanks responsibility all my question Hidden Refuge
Great News, Now ZXPlay VPSs also have 20 IPV6 addresses as VPS 2 (FuzzyHost's). ZXPlay has also great specification and performance. Good for all who own ZXPlay's VPSs.
(2015-07-23, 7:57:12 pm)autokick Wrote:  then ssh was obtained from IPv6 as well?
is it hard to use it?

ssh wasnt obtained from IPv6

IPv6 is the new version of internet protocol that provides a crap ton more ip addresses than Ipv4

You can think that IPv6 is like a place where more people can live because of more space than IPv4

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