How many computers do you have in your house?
I have 8 laptops/pc's in my house. And we mainly have windows vista and windows 7 for the operating systems. My family hates apple, so no macs Tounge

My laptop: Windows Vista
Dad's PC: Windows Vista, he also has a laptop with windows 7 and another laptop with windows xp.
Mom's Laptop: Windows 7
Sisters Laptop: Windows Vista
Grandma's Laptop: Windows 7
Grandpa's Laptop: Windows XP
Wow,, your family look like ComputerHolic

I only have one. How ever only me on my house, no one else.
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We have two in the house; one is in the attic and the other is my laptop.
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Yea, my dad has three of them lol. Two are work and one is his main one. Well my grandparents just moved in with us so we had 2 less before they came. And everyone in my house has their own computer
Got 5 in my house.
My laptop: windows 7
My desktop: windows xp
Siblings desktop: windows vista
Siblings laptop: windows 7
parents desktop: windows xp

Now we have 1 computer,but I want a laptop Smile.
Our computer's OS is Windows 7.
i have 2 laptops and desktop,i install in them windows7
i have 1 laptop Smile
and have 2 computer Cheese
and 2 servers Cheese
2 desktops and 3 laptops. All runs on Windows 7 or Vista.
2 laptops and 3 desktops, right now I am learning how to set a firewall with one desktop Cheese
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