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Support from the stuff , as well members are exemplary. I have received help anytime it is needed . In the shoutbox or via pm, helping hand is always available . I have disturbed OP numerous times also Tounge each tym, nevil explained problematic things and resolved it Smile best support ever
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describing this forum in a single word is very less, the staff ,moderators, admins are very user friendly and help in every possible needs weather its regarding Personal or public help, Well i feel freevps is not less than a paid vps hosting where you get a nice VPS plans with support of 24/7 hours (just like freevps ).
If i have to rate this forum from 5 then i would surely do this
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i think your guys are the best Cheese
and verry helpfull
Well at FreeVPS.us, the support is actually extraordinary in comparison to another free provider I really don't like to mention (SWN). When I need help, I don't even need to post in the VPS support section - I am still given assistance by members when posting in other sections. In fact, the support here is actually quite good (more like amazing) in comparison to some paid hosting companies that I've tried before.
Overall, I'm just another happy member at an outstanding community; thank you FreeVPS.us for everything Smile
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I rarely ask private support for help (the servers work quite well), but sometimes, well, I need to contact the support (VPS16 doesn't have a control panel, for example). In such a case, support is good, although I guess it harms a bit there are barely staff members with direct server access (cw and Nevil in practice), so it may take a day for a request to be listened to (I don't blame you however).

The community support is so good that because I'm rarely on this site now, I rarely am able to answer to anything :-).
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
Thank you for all the ratings and comments people. Keep it coming as feedback is always welcome.
very nice and especially admin @HR i like his personality simple but firm
It's extremely support if you contact the right admin. I don't think I've had a lot of trouble with something for particularly long.
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Very Good. I can't remember a time when my issues (if any) weren't solved eventually. The most recent one being the need to test something on my VPS which was allowed by the provider but not by FVPS. Eventually I got permission to do it with the condition of not abusing the service (which I never did). Of course, being a senior member also helped in getting that privilege but the staff was very rational when taking the decision. If they were some ignorant people they could've simply say: NO!
In my short experience with FreeVPS I have had a great experience from their support side.
All my problems get solved sooner or later. Thumbs UP!
I would like to thank freevps.us for the knowldge i gained through your forum.

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