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Very good
35 72.92%
12 25.00%
1 2.08%
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Very bad
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Worst ever
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Total 48 vote(s) 100%
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How would you rate our support?
I would rate your support as

B) - Good

- Instant reply from the staff (Especially from Chris & HR) on questions for any support.
Hello there!

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A vision of a project with an awesome support system where everyone takes part in the whole process.
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
Support staff on freevps doing wonderful job, they know well whom they are dealing with and take necessary actions without offending anyone. New users tend to make mistakes un-till they become familiar with background.

Support team had always helped me when ever i had approached them.

Thanks and congrats to support team to making freevps a wonderful community.
I would rate FreeVPS support as Very Good because you generally get help for the issues and there is a solution in the end.
I was a newbie when i came here but now i knows little about vps working and all related things. It may be great knowledge base for me to stay here with awesome guys like you. Smile
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I voted Very Good.
Chris always notify if post was missing (maybe on 25th of every month).
Hidden Refuge help the most problem on support section. Cheese
Thanks FreeVPS.us and ZXPlay for VPS7 Smile

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Very good indeed , when we have question and replied very fast , the admins are nice , the vps is good , its like freemium vps with good admin
thanks for freevps.us taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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very good
staff are the best and professional , members do the best too
Very Good Support even though i joined yesterday , the questions are replied with blazing speed .
Thank you https://hostmada.com/ and https://freevps.us/ for VPS 21.
My Vote for Very Good.
Really you are replying instantly to every support thread.
Thanks for your support.
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Thanks to HostDare for VPS

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