GalaxyHostPlus Updates.
Dear users of GalaxyHostPlus VPS.

In the last weeks we are working on new updates on GalaxyHostPlus. 
Today we launch IPv6 on our France Node. All current clients included have received free x10 IPv6 addresses, of course, if anyone require more IPv6 fell free to request from us.

On 1st September we will update to new plans on our new website which you can find at
All current and New FreeVPS clients will get free upgrade to our new plan which is a higher spec than now..
The plans are hidden due 01/09/15 so we cannot tell you the specs its surprise Smile.

On 02/09/15 GalaxyHostPlus will celebrate our first birthday, we will bring special event with agreement of
So there will be some special prize, please check forum of on 02/09/15 Smile

If you have any questions etc feel free ask in this thread.

Kind Regards
Janusz Czeropski
CEO & Founder
Hey, nice offer!

Little thing for you to fix:
Today we lunched IPv6 on our France Node. All current clients included have received free x10 IPv6 addresses, of course, if anyone require more IPv6 fell free to request from us.
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Rest in peace, FreeVPS. The forum will be sorely missed.

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(2015-08-30, 1:00:41 pm)FlamesRunner Wrote:  Little thing for you to fix

Fixed, more updates will come.
Hmm, I own a VPS sponsored from GalaxyHostPlus here, I wonder what the surprise is Cheese
Looking forward to see it.

P.S: I was never satisfied with a vps as with you.
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Great news. We're waiting on you. Thanks for letting know us.
Hello there!

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Good news , i will see them in future , it is a few more days
thanks for taught me many experience
and thanks for all administrator because they're helpfull and very friendly Cheese

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That special event... sounds interesting. You already announced a spec update, so it's not that, so I wonder what it would be (I bet myself on sponsoring more servers, but I'm probably wrong).

And IPv6. Thank you. Future-proofing is a good thing, really.
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
The specifications of all VPS 5 and 9 were updated for all customers and on our VPS list.
oh my god thats nice keep it up guys maybe adding more ram will be awesome Tounge
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Sounds interesting. Looking forward to it.. 2nd sep morning here..
Thanks a lot to and GalaxyHostPlus for VPS 9 !

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