Need to create openvpn connection, can give the settings
I am using a vpn which I am paying for, it connects probably the same way as openvpn connects  but it doesn't show what port it's using
OpenVPN's default port is 1194 (UDP)

There are some proxies that will tell what port does it use. (Forgot it)
what proxies, as I want to create the vpn connection and try out with a trial vps, anyways shouldn't it have a config with what port it uses
So you want to make a VPN server? That is pretty easy.

or try setting up a Softether VPN server which supports OpenVPN and a couple of other protocols
you need to tell us the vpn provider name. I think you are using one of their encrypted gui,which will hide what port and what certificates they are using, like pd proxy. It is beeter to create own private openvpn server
[Image: 3447516826.png]
check in you windows program folder..there u will get the sspecified vpn folder which you are that..there may be a folder named that and see if any file with extension .ovpn exists or not??if it is there then open that file in any text editor and u will see your port
Use TCPView to see what applications are connecting to ports and to which ports they are connecting.

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