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(2017-06-18, 6:48:41 pm)HMR Wrote: actually Its have more cons than pros ( + I am Afraid if some incident like earlier happens again(

Plus, GalaxyHostPlus is on OVH. No need to hide the IP since it's DDoS protected already Smile
I have VPS 18 (Hostigation) and 24 (HostDare).
From the specs of the VPS you have provided, it looks awesome!!!

I feel that it is a great thing that so many good quality free VPS forums are out there. As a student, I am really grateful for them. I will be registering there in the next few days and work my way to a nice VPS. I am a new member even on FreeVPS and still have to get a VPS. It seems that when I do, I will be getting at least another VPS from another provider out there. is the forum that started it all though, and I am really grateful to FreeVPS most of all, not only because it continues to provide free VPS after all these years, but also because it has inspired a lot of other forums.

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