How to secure my vps server from following problems?
How to secure my vps server from lfollowing problems?

Here is some diagnostic report of my vps server:

1. Connection reset by peer and VNC is shown black screen.

2. In firefox browser when i browse it shows connection reset or connection timed out.

3. It is loading and loading and nothing else happened.

Now what can i do to save my vps server from these kinds of problems.
Those errors usually means bad network connection between VNC viewer (client) and server. Either your speed is slow or other programs are constantly eating your bandwidth.

Try enabling "Rate-limit mouse move events" (or whatever that option is called on your VNC client). That option will limit events to be sent infrequently while the mouse is moving or being clicked, and might improve your experience.

If nothing helps your best bet is to switch from VNC to NX technology which works way better under bad links (and beats VNC in many other aspects).
X2Go is an open source software that uses the NX protocol, you can search X2Go tutorial in this forum.

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@gooliver his latency may be also a factor.

Try checking your latency. firefox times out? try pinging google ior another site from your server.

Check your network configurations
it is much better if you post a few screenshots, so we can see and learn about the problem too. thanks Smile
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or try to do things using command if that is applicable in your case. the best way. even works on good 2g connection.
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In my opinion you don't need desktop version in VPS (VNC)
try to use it as server
(2015-10-02, 7:55:05 am)SimoMaster Wrote:  In my opinion you don't need desktop version in VPS (VNC)
try to use it as server

The guy needs to use as a desktop, I don't think we should send him to use commandline lol.. thats kinda arrogant .
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