Applying to have 2 VPSs
is a nice idea... but 40 posts... is very complicated... Huh
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Nice decision from FreeVPS team, hope it helps those who need it..!!
I would like to thank for the knowldge i gained through your forum.
It's Amazing how easy to get a vps for free these days. Now even 2 vps ! It's be hard to make 40 posts. Imagine even if you make 2 posts per day you get 60 posts !!
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really a great decision from FVPS !

I guess 40 posts are not too many. But if you do a lot of work and also maintain or try to setup your own sites, you may find it hard to manage time for even 40 good posts ! So i would suggest one should only go for 2 vps if they truely need them.
Many thanks to Freevps, Chris (cw1998), The Guy( ID 4810), optimus, GHP and the other  staff members.
Well, I just got one, used it to make a DNS manager for my control panel.
Now, it serves as a backend server to handle DNS requests.

Sure, it'll take 40 posts a month -- it's well worth the 20 extra posts.
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Rest in peace, FreeVPS. The forum will be sorely missed.

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I would stick with 1 vps, because it is difficult for me achieve 40post, but this is a pretty good idea of the administrators, for the member to get more than one by adding a few more tasks, congratulations to users who have added applied
It's a marvelous step that you've taken! I didn't see it coming either. Two VPSes are great, one as a front-end and other as backend for backups and load stabilisation. There are various great opportunities! If those two VPSes are in two different parts of the world, they can also serve as a CDN! Awesome!
Thanks to FreeVPS and GalaxyHostPlus for VPS 22!
Nice offer,But i Don't think that i would be applying for 2 vpses as i am happy with 1 VPS only ,in future i may apply (one for Gamservers hosting and other for webhosting of testing).
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backup -
For using the above Postcounter simply copy its link and replace the userid with your once.
if you have /30 posts count slot then just add &vps2 at the last of your postcounter url.
wow ! 40 posts for applying one vps monthly ? LOL I support abhe its very low for getting one vps CheeseD

I think cool and awesome news are these

Thanks awesome forum..
(2015-10-26, 1:07:36 am)samet Wrote:  wow ! 40 posts for applying one vps monthly ?

40 posts for 2 VPSs. If you only have one VPS you still have to make the normal 20 posts.

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