Applying to have 2 VPSs
Members of FreeVPS Directory & Discussion,

Over the years we have been asked countless times if members can have 2 VPSs if they agree to make extra posts in order to keep it.
We are happy to announce that we have come up with a list of terms that will allow you to finally apply for and win a second VPS on FreeVPS.
We decided to open up this opportunity, as there are usually a few left over VPSs every month at the end of the giveaway, and we want them to get used, especially since the sponsors are giving up their resources for us.

We hope that some of you will avail of this offer, and as with all new implantations, we will be monitoring the new system, and we may deicde to make modifications to the following terms at any time if we think they need changing.
If you have any questions, leave a reply, and myself or another staff member will be happy to answer!

Terms for owning 2 VPSs:

  • NEW
    Second VPSs can only be applied for in the second stage of the giveaway. (see announcement thread here for why we added this)
  • The post requirement for keeping 2 VPSs per month is 30 posts per month
  • The two VPSs will be treated seperately. This means that if you only make, say 25 posts in one month, you will only lose one VPS
  • You must choose what your "Second VPS" will be. This is the VPS that we will terminate if you do not meet the post requirements for keeping two VPSs
  • If you make less than 15 posts in a month, you will lose both VPSs
  • Counting posts takes us a long time, so we would kindly request that you only apply for a second VPS if you need the extra resources and you are sure you will be able to keep up with the post requirements most months.
  • When contacting us about a problem, please state which VPS is having the problem. If you have 2 VPS 18's for example, please include the IP Address of the VPS you contact us about.
  • When applying for a 2nd VPS, please make it clear in your request thread that it for a second VPS. Otherwise we will treat it as a normal request, meaning that if you were to win the VPS, your old one would be terminated shortly after. The easiest way to do this is to add [2nd VPS] at the start of the thread title.
Good stuff. I guess the VPS Information & Requirements and How to Apply announcements will have to be updated
Hey, that's pretty cool! I wasn't expecting this, but hopefully I can manage to make 40 posts. Tounge
40 posts a month is quite hard for me in the long term, so I will keep myself low by applying for only 1 VPS Smile
Thank you FreeVPS and ZXPlay for VPS 7 and 19

[Image: show_img.php?userid=17170&vpscount=2]

Don't PM me for support, use an appropriate forum to ask for support
To think I once would love something like this, but these days I barely have time to even finish those 20 posts. Still, some people may find this great.

(and it's completely logical at that)
There are 10 sorts of people in the world; those who understand ternary, those who don't, and those who thought this was a binary joke.
That's a good improvement for people who need a second VPS. Making 4 posts every 3 days is not that hard (except the end of February maybe Smile ).

On this occasion that extra posts are getting much better value, it's also a good time to reward members who make extra posts and don't need a second VPS in the form of a partial exemption from next month posts, according to some formula (doesn't have to be 1:1).
Wow, this is pretty cool, is there any pre-request conditions?
I mean minimum 30 posts required to request for 1st VPS.Users can request for 2 VPSes in same month?
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#SaveFreeVPS for the future
Heh, nice new addition, Good for those requiring more VPSes.. I also wanted but I will not be able to post Tounge... Still great news.
Thanks a lot to and GalaxyHostPlus for VPS 9 !
Great news. I am satisfied with one VPS for now but its good to know that if we want we can apply for two VPS's.
This a great idea and good news for the members. Thanks a lot.
Now we can have two VPSs. Even in different country and different datacenter, it's also very good for backup.

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