TV series you watch these days ?
"Hide Everyone"
"the Storm is Coming"

that tv series I watch today
yeah Prison Break season 5, it's continue from previous season that hold on 2010

look like many people have seen 13 reason why, I'll check this series when I have spare bandwidth Smile
(2017-05-01, 12:01:29 pm)Revenge Wrote: I talked again with my friend that recommend it, and he says that for him its one of the best series at the moment.
I guess im gonna start watching it.

Great to hear. I'll definitely check it out when it makes its rounds where I am. May pick up some much needed tips as well. Tongueout

(2017-05-01, 10:49:06 pm)dudex Wrote: @deanhills  Your stat counters showing funny result.

Indeed it does.  I haven't made a single post yet for May and the one script started with 3/15.   Tongueout

Guess I'd better stay on topic though ... 

Midsommer Murders (1997) - probably one of the best British detective dramas with John Nettles in the lead - one of my favourite investigator characters.  About a fictional Midsomer County where numerous murders are investigated the British way.  Old series but nice viewing again courtesy of YouTube.  8/10

[Image: MV5BMjAyNjI2OTg5Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDAz...17_AL_.jpg]
These series are brilliant but often overlooked. If you are tired of the mainstream check these out:
Rick and Morty
The Newsroom
Orange is the New Black
The 100 (The first season is bad but after that really good)
I heard StarWars Rebels fourth season is final one. Im gonna miss this Animated series. I was not so impressed with it at begin because all characters were new but then started enjoy it. I hope they will start a another Starwars TV series once its done.

These days I havent found too many interesting tv shows to watch. I have started watching old Tv shows in Youtube.
I recently finished Scorpion and I'm currently watching iZombie and Lucifer. And looking for more series to see in the future. Probably will continue to see NCIS and Sleepy Hollow. Those are the one that I'm seeing on Cable TV but not in chronologic order.
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I watch Lucifer too its not much as a story but quite entertaining. Main characters and cast doing a great.
My all time favorite is The Simpsons but I think Mr. Robot is kind of cool too. =)
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In the last few weeks I started to watch a very funny comedy aka sitcom series "The Nanny".
I can recommend it to anyone if you like to laugh a lot.
My rating is no question: 10/10.

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