TV series you watch these days ?
Lately I've got into the habit of watching TV Food Reality series - you've been chopped - on the foodnetwork channel:

I actually like it as it's a foodie series with a difference where four contestants are given 30 minutes each for three entrees to cook a dish with a set number of basic ingredients, some of the ingredients don't fit. So they have to make a plan but without overpowering the ingredients of how to incorporate them into the dish that is presented to the judges. They can use plenty of other ingredients, however the judges should still be able to taste the original ingredients that had been presented to them in the box. Quite an art to it - particularly the speed at which the contestants have to move. Like for me it feels more like a sport than a food series.
I watched the Partners in Crime series, it was written by Agatha Christie. It was good, but not great.
I really like 1950s UK and US
Out of boredom I decided to finish American Gods. I left somewhere in the middle of episode 4. So I decided to actually finish it. Just so I can get closure and know I didn't abandon it for nothing. And all I have to say is: What DAFUQ did I just watch!!!

I have no idea WTF is this supposed to be. There's no clear path that you can follow along with the story. Just a bunch of weird and random abstract sh!t thrown at you the whole time. By the end of the first season I have no idea where's this supposed to go or even what was about. Reminds me of the first season of Preacher and Taboo and every other new crap show that comes up making waves around sh!tty reviewers saying it's the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

I don't know. Maybe it's just me but at least I'm not trying to see something where there isn't something to be seen. The show is simply retarded. From my perspective.

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