TV series you watch these days ?
There are 2 space Sci-Fi series and also 2 Special forces type series have started same time. Also there are 2 superhero series. Absentia is another Crime series stared by Stana Katic. Now these series is pretty much similar to Blindspot. Funny thing is Main actresses of both shows Stana Katic and Jaimie Alexander look little bit alike too. )))

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The Brave is a pretty good one. I have watched only 3 episodes so far much these 3 are impressive. I think it's better, compared to Seal Team.
I have just realized the StarWars Rebels Animated Series season 4 has already started. One of my favorite TV Series even though it's an animated series. It's sad this is the final season of it. I hoped they would continue it for a while at least about 5-10 seasons. I hope Disney will start another StarWars TV series soon.

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