TV series you watch these days ?
Yeah new StarTrek Discovery series is pretty good. I think its lot better than The Orville. Discovery has bit darker story line and continuous one I think rather than standalone episodes in Orville.

The Shannara Chronicles season 2 has started too, for those who are into fantasy series.
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I've rediscovered a old show on Netflix that I used to watch a lot of years ago on MTV. Trailer Park Boys is the name and it is about a Canadian trailer park block. There are two main characters Julian and Ricky and oh boy these two guys do all kind of weird and messed up stuff for that they even have to go to jail. It's a funny documentary style show. Started it again from season one today on Netflix.
I'm also into some old series that are on our Sony Channel - Body of Proof Season 2 with a forensic pathology theme.  Not bad when there is nothing else to see.  Score it 6/10.  For light relief I'm watching old Friends and The Big Bang Theory.  Have always avoided the last two when they were on the circuit, so interesting to view them for the first time.  Score them 7/10.
I just started watching DEV (TV series).
This detective genre show has a good plot, recommended to watch Smile
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Watching the big bang.theory 11th season. I can't believe how big this show has become. One of the most popular comedy series ever made.Those 3 main cast get paid 1 millon usd for each episode.
Usually I am not watching TV shows, but few days ago I have watched Stranger Things, both seasons
My rating: 10/10
Watching The Black List 4th season. They have just killed one of the main charactors. didnt expect that. Then the story fast forwarded to 10 months. Anyway I like this series. Its pretty good.

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