TV series you watch these days ?
I only watch cricket and football on TV and sometimes emotional dramas my mom used to watch them so I ah sometimes watch them when get bored XD
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Well as of this week I only see 2 seriese, first is dadagiri (Bengali) come on zee bangla sat and sunday @ 10.00 pm, and another is tenali-rama on sony comes @8pm.
Yeah. Everything is right....Or wrong?
Hmm, I have started watching south park yet again if that counts as a TV series, its hilarious and I like the jokes and impersonation.
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Watching Silicon Valley , supernatural and vikings Now, finished 3 seasons of Silicon Valley and 4 seasons of vikings in a week,
all good tv series . a must watch
Right now I am following two tv series, one is Greys Anatomy (Season 14) and another is a new one called Counterpart (Season 1).
Counterpart being a Science Fiction show that shows two parallel worlds that connect through a secret doorway and how two people being exactly same, but by different choices being made by them become different person in each world.

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