TV series you watch these days ?
There is an upcoming Fantasy TV series called Siren. About mermaids. I think it will be interesting. Also im looking forward to watch the third season of The Expanse.
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The Walking Dead (season 5)
The Simpsons
The Hobbit
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I like this new TV Series called Lost in Space. It reminds me little bit of several other series including The 100. This series has really good CGI stuff. If you are into sci-fi series then take a look at this one.
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Recently I've been (binge-)watching Gotham - I'm on episode 1 of Season 3 now. So freaking good. There's just something cool about origin stories and how alliances are formed/broken between different factions/characters (sometimes people become allies and enemies then allies again). Very interesting and convoluted dynamics between the characters. Some highlights for me are Penguin, Falcone, Riddler, crazy Barbara.

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