TV series you watch these days ?
Some really good TV series have started in this year and i wonder if I have missed any. There are couple of new sci-fi series and also plenty of nice cop stories too. Here's what I have watched so far,

01. Dark matter - First Season completed.
02. Kill Joys - First Season completed.
03. Blindspot - 1 season (This one is really good).
04. The Player - 1 season.
05. Heroes Reborn. - 1 season.
06. Limitless. - 1 season.
07. Quantico - 1 season (A Bollywood Actress does the main role)
08. Rosewood - 1 season
09. The Strain - 2 season
10. The big Bang Theory - 9th season
11. Zoo - 1 season completed.
12. Stitchers - 1 season (I watched only like 4-5 episodes)
13. StarWars Rebels - 2 season

Have I missed any series worth watching ?
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I like The Simpsons, The Walking Dead and Family Guy... And Best channell... FOX!
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Ah!! there is The Walking Dead. I had so much good stuff about it but Zombies are not my cup of tea. I watched few episodes from the first season and then lost interest.
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Black Sails(Treasure Island Prequel), The Last Ship(Post apocalyptic), The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Supernatural, Suits, Gotham, Crossbones(1 season only, Black Beard story), Daredevil, The Robot, Legends(season 2 is about to begin), Manhattan(season 2 started). There could be more, but i can't recall at this time.
So Say We All
I have finished these in the recent past :
Baked, Dexter, Game Of Thrones, Marvels Daredevils, Suits
I am watching Fringe and Lost these days.
Special Mention : An Indian 5 episode series TVF Pitchers is definitely one of the best I have watched in recent past.
I would like to thank for the knowldge i gained through your forum.
I hasn't mentioned few which haven't started yet like Lucifer and there is Minority Report (Tom Cruise Movie) which has started. Few more I have watched only pilot episodes are,

01. Proof
02. Sense8
03. The Messengers
04. Battle Creek
05. Olympus
06. The Librarians
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1. game of thrones, now waiting for the next spring for the new season,
2. the walking dead, same waiting for the new upcoming season.
(2015-10-22, 2:40:20 pm)Optimus Wrote:  1. game of thrones, now waiting for the next spring for the new season,
2. the walking dead, same waiting for the new upcoming season.

Did you watch the first season of Fear the Walking Dead ? Sounds like a spinoff of the original series.
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Mr Robot is also good. It's by the USA network.
  • The Walking Dead (watching season 6)
  • Fear The Walking Dead (finished season 1 - waiting for season 2 in 2016)
  • Better Call Saul (finished season 1 - waiting for season 2 in 2016)
  • The Big Bang Theory (watching 9th season on Shush)

  • Oldies/Rewatch
  • That '70s Show (almost finished - 1 season to go)
  • Scrubs (rewatching - somewhere at season 1)

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