what is your fist anime or manga you start with !
My first anime was doraemon , and i have the comics too , and of course CD lol
And next one is naruto , im only watching , not read its manga
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the first one i saw i think was cyborg 009 and black jack. I started in the early 90's. So long from that series and Heidi that was broadcasted in a local channel in my country. I remembered to see it with my mom and dad.
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Deathnote was the first anime that I saw it was really good
The first anime series I ever completed was Attack on Titan (1st Season).
My first anime was Dragon Ball Z. I am fan of this anime.
My First Anime Was Dragon Ball And Naruto And HXH On Tv
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My first anime was Bleach, which now is paused since 27th March 2012, hope to see it back someday.
Afterwards i also started watching Naruto and One Piece and tons of other manga/anime followed.
My first anime i watch is one piece. This anime is so cool. It's probably the best anime I've ever watched so far. The main character Luffy in this anime has taught me a meaningful lesson in life. He taught me that if you decide to accomplish something, you should put everything on it and fight for your goal till the last moment of your life. This anime is awesome, hilarious, and touching. It brings me a lot of laughing from the funny parts, and tears from the touching moments (yes, I really did shatter my tears). It's really an awesome anime, I've been watching from episode 1 - 144 so far, and I never found even a second of the anime boring. I highly recommend every one to watch this excellence anime.
My first anime is -mon based characters :p
Digimon and Pokemon

When i child, i call them, an animation film. I didn't call an anime.
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My first anime was Dragon ball Z, and second one was Detective conan

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