what is your fist anime or manga you start with !
My first anime online, aside from TV when I was a little kid, was Inuyasha, a classic anime that I think everyone should watch if they can! I'm sure most young adults or late teens of this generation have seen some of it on TV already.
Death Note was my first anime, thought it was the best, until I watched second one, lol
For now i think Code Geass is the best anime i have ever watched.
i think it started with my childhood, even before to know that was called "anime", in that time these were cartoon too hehe

I think it was with dragon ball z, pokemon, and obviusly saint seiya Happywide
If my memory serves me right, my first anime ever must've been the very original One Piece, airing on my local TV channel. I was probably like 7 years old? Then I proceeded to see random episodes of Inuyasha, One Piece, Naruto and DBZ throughout a few years of my childhood. Took a break from anime for 3-4 years, then rediscovered them online and there my passion for anime began.
Mine were DBZ first and second Naruto.I liked both of them they were dubbed in my native language (at first I did not know the difference between anime and cartoons).
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Watched original Voltron as a kid. This was the '80s mind you and things were not the same back then. Anime and cartoons did not flourish as they do now. Once a week back then they came on, man that takes me back.
I do not know why I bother posting here, Everyone knows more then I do ........ just ask them.
i started to watch anime for the first time since my childhood i watched Digimon Adventure Season one for my best cartoon i choose them as my best anime of the time. i recommended this anime called Digimon to everyone who will enjoy watching it it is all about Digital World and battling each other. i am still enjoying watching them.
What started it all for me was Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Truly a masterpiece, I think that if it wasn't such a good show I wouldn't have continued to watch anime.
It all started when my friend told me about Death Note and how impressive it's story is, so after watching few episodes of Death Note I could not stop watching one episode after another and I am still enjoying watching new and popular anime series.
My first Anime was Bleach. I had started by accident. A friend of mine was a big fan if that Anime. She was kept pestering me to watch it.

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